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Pet Nail Cutting in Broward County

City Pet Mobile Grooming is home to Florida’s best pet groomers. For nail trims, buffing, and more, we come to you, wherever you are in and around Broward County.

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Don’t Overlook Nail Care!

Throughout our career, we have noticed that pet owners often neglect the nail care of their beloved companions.

Yet, these services go beyond the simple beauty factor and are essential parts of your cat or dog’s grooming routine.

At City Pet Mobile Grooming, our groomers are fully trained to perform nail trimming and buffing for your furry pets. As soon as your pet arrives, we’ll give them extra cuddles to make them feel safe. Once they are comfortable, we use professional scissors and clippers to trim their nails in small steps with extreme delicacy and precision.

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Pet Nail Cutting Coral Springs

Extreme delicacy and precision


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  • Styling
  • Bath and Tidy-Up
  • Full-Service Grooming
  • Nail Cutting and Buffing
  • Flea and Tick Treatment
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  • Unwavering Love for Your Pets
  • Convenient Mobile Services
  • Committed Team
  • Safe and Healthy Setting
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  • Broward County
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Signs It’s Time for a Trim

Did you know that if your cat or dog’s nails get too long, 

This can lead to severe problems, even spinal and posture issues? Yes, you read that right! But luckily there’s an easy fix—regular nail trims at City Pet Mobile Grooming.

If you’re wondering about the ideal frequency, we recommend trimming your pet’s nails as soon as they turn on their side, or make a clicking sound when your pet walks across the floor. In a perfect world, clipping should happen every three to four weeks. Not sure if it's time for a nail-grooming session? Call us to speak with our experts.

You can also complement your nail trim with a personalized styling, refreshing bath, full-service grooming, or flea treatment for your pet.

Pet Nail Cutting Coconut Creek

Clipping should happen every three to four weeks


Your four-legged friend deserves to feel loved and cared for

Offer superstar grooming treatment to your cats and dogs, big or small.

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